Race card accepted here all too often

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 24, 2009

I know I will receive a lot of flack over this letter, but since this is only my opinion I don’t really care.

I’ve noticed “the race card” being played in nearly everything someone doesn’t agree with lately.

Most recently, the T.E.A. parties that were held around the country a few days ago have now been labeled a racist ploy against a black president. To say this is to assume that that every black person that didn’t like something a white president did was also a racist. And are we to assume that no blacks participated in the T.E.A. demonstrations?  As I remember, taxes are not racial but all inclusive.

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The main reason for the T.E.A. demonstrations is to let not only the president, but all elected officials, know that Americans are tired of being taxed because all elected officials are in a tax and spend mode. When you look at your paycheck and notice that you are getting only about 50 percent of what you earned, you should be concerned.  It’s not racial — everyone’s check is taxed the same.

I’ve also noticed that one of our most racist elected officials believes that even sewage repair is racially motivated. This would be like me telling this highly qualified, musically educated person that since I’m white and she is black I shouldn’t have to practice before a concert because that would be racial. I believe that, no matter the race, the highly qualified, educated people in charge of something should determine how something should be accomplished — including engineering. I doubt that any engineer I know would presume to be more knowledgeable about music than a musician, no matter the race of either.

I think the main thing that needs to be accomplished in Natchez and Adams County is the removal of the enormous chips that are on the shoulders of many people in this area — both black and white. Just remember that everything that happens is not racial, fixed income does not mean poor and increasing taxes is a very good way to ensure the demise of this great nation in which we all live.

Forest Persons

Natchez resident