T.E.A. parties not racially charged

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear Ms. Singleton, I am almost at a loss to know where to begin, because your letter last week was so devoid of facts and sound reasoning.

It is scary to think that you honestly believe the April 15 “T.E.A.” party gatherings against high (and proposed higher taxes to come) were a racist protest against a black president. While viewing the protests on TV did you not notice people of all races and color, both young and old? Shouldn’t this have been a clue that this was not a racist gathering?

Something else that just flies in one’s face is the fact the first time something doesn’t go to suit the “people of color” (your words) then it is racist! Yep! Your first thought is to pull the ole race card. Honestly, this country will never be able to come together on the race issue if people like you continue to play the victim every time you don’t get your way.

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What people were gathering to protest at these T.E.A. parties was:

A) If Obama’s tax plans are put into effect, the result will be unprecedented debt that will crush people’s lives for generations to come.

B) Obama’s stimulus package has very little to do to stimulate the current economy, but is more political payback to his liberal friends and his liberal constituency. (Oh, and don’t forget those approximately 9,000 earmarks in his plan he promised to eliminate when he became president)

C) How about the $3 billion in his stimulus package to ACORN. (Now Ms. Singleton that is real payback and to a racist organization)

D) The president said (when he was on the campaign trail) he would reduce the government budget by half in five years. According to the current Congressional Budget Office, the Obama administration will quadruple the annual deficit of President Bush. I would say he pretty well missed his forecast to reduce the government budget in half.

The above-mentioned items or reasons, Ms. Singleton, are why people of all races and colors were protesting on April 15. There are many more reasons that are too numerous to mention that were also at the heart of those protests. These were the reasons people of all colors were in the street protesting, not because we have a black president as you claimed.

Ms. Singleton, you want to know a racist? Look at the Congressional Black Caucus. The sole criteria for membership to this organization is to be of the black race. It was the African Americans in Congress who created this organization and set the rules for membership. Now that, Ms. Singleton, is racism.

I think Burt Prelutsky said it best to describe why people of all stripes were afraid of President Obama. They are afraid he intends to “fix the economy the same way the vet fixed his dog Rex.”

Kirk Bartley

Natchez resident