Tea parties about taxes, not race

Published 11:06 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In regards to the tea parties around the country on April 15, this uproar is not puzzling to me.

Some people might need to make a trip to the library to look up the “Boston Tea Party” and racism. The “tea party” was then, and is now, a protest against taxation without representation.

I don’t see many taxpayers being represented by today’s Democratic Congress that came up with this ridiculous amount of spending. The president is not all the blame since Congress has the numbers to override a presidential veto.

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The writer of the tea party letter to the editor that was published April 22 stated “the fact that having a black man as President has truly upset many whites.”

Does this person believe it is racism to vote for a candidate, no matter what his qualifications are, because he is black? I do!

Minorities do not have a monopoly on racism. Is it racist for whites to pay disproportionately more taxes than minorities?

I agree that this country was in a mess before Obama, but I would extend that statement to include the present and future.

I will disagree that the Republicans are the only ones at fault. Remember the Clinton era and the de-regulation of financial institutions?

What about the Democrats in Congress who supported home loans to people who could not afford to pay them back? Do you believe that those speculators who manipulated oil prices were Republicans only? Some speculators probably have relatives living near the Dead Sea.

There is an old saying — “too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” Are we becoming a society where too many people are dependent on government and not enough taxpayers left to pay for this dependency?

Some say to just add more taxes to the rich and big business. First, the rich didn’t get there by being stupid. Money equals power, power equals tax shelters.

Second, big business can pull up and move to foreign countries, as many already have.

This all comes back to the working middle class to pay the brunt of all taxes!

Some people seem to think money grows on trees, only the wood that makes paper does. This paper is not worth much until ink is applied to make currency.

This currency is not “black or white,” it is green.

What is racist about “tea party” people wanting to keep their hard-earned “green” and not see it being wasted by the government?

I would like to ask the family of the Americans who died on 9-11 their opinions on those “innocent” people being detained and tortured by the military at Guantanamo Bay.

Morgan White

Ferriday resident