Patridge road should keep name

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank you to those who took a stand on keeping that road named in honor of Sgt. Todd Partridge.

I know that you were under pressure to change the name, and your decision was not favorable to some. We must continue to work together for what ever is right.

Sgt. Todd Partridge gave his fall for all Americans. He was killed in Iraq by a bomb. His mother wears his dog tags around her neck every day and will grieve for the rest of her life.

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Sgt. Partridge also left behind two children along with all the rest of his family. He is in the grave now, but if he were here he would say change the name, forget the honor and get on with his life.

Those that would dishonor him and his family brings shame to all red-blooded Americans. For the supervisor who made the motion to change the name of the road honoring Sgt. Partridge — dishonoring him and his family — I hope you will have a change of heart and write a letter of apology to his family. A nice visit would be good, maybe a wreath for his grave.

In times past, the board all voted 100 percent to name this new short road in honor of Sgt. Partridge. I am proud of this decision. When you drive down Partridge Road, say a little prayer for America and Sgt. Todd Partridge’s family.

God bless the American servicemen and women. We are very proud of you.

Former Master Sergeant Kenneth “Sonny” Johnston

Company C, 199th Infantry

139 Infantry Division, (Served 1956 to 1967)