Rover needs rules, just like everyone

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dogs may be man’s best friends but they can also be a neighbor’s worst nightmare.

Just ask a number of Adams County residents who have been tormented by neighborhood dogs.

Some of the four-legged torment comes from all-night barking.

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Other dogs running loose pose a threat of physical safety — particularly to small children and the elderly.

And others tear up property.

But all of these are issues that responsible pet owners would handle.

Unfortunately, not every pet owner is responsible, so we must create laws that provide our law enforcement community with the “teeth” to take a bite out of the canine crimes.

From vicious dogs to all-night barkers, the nuisance of improperly kept pets is real.

The problem has been around for years and years, but the Adams County Board of Supervisors appears to be poised to curb the issue.

By passing an animal control ordinance, the county would show support of proper pet ownership and provide law enforcement with the tools to help curb the problems.

We support the supervisors in their move toward doing something to curb the problem.

Creating the pet control ordinance is the first, and important, step. When that’s done, maybe some citizens can again begin sleeping all-night or going into their own yards without fear of being injured.