In credit crisis, boosted rating an honor

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Any banker can tell you that the credit markets have changed significantly in the last several months — and it’s not just affecting people with so-called “bad credit” histories.

Even people with solid paying histories are waking up to find that their credit card limits have been tightened and that, perhaps, they may not qualify for loans they would have been shoe-ins to get just months before.

The same problems are facing car dealers all across the country. They’re struggling to qualify people with only decent — not great — credit scores.

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So for someone — or something — to be recognized as having exceptional credit in such a tight market, it’s certainly a badge of honor.

And last week, Natchez Water Works found out its bond rating — the municipal equivalent of a person credit score — received an upgrade.

Standard and Poor’s, one of the largest credit rating agencies in the world, chose to improve Natchez Water Works from an A to an AA- rating.

The S&P analyst noted Natchez Water Works’ good liquidity as one of the reasons for the upgrade, meaning waterworks has kept its bank account well funded to handle any immediately needs.

Our hats off to Natchez Water Works Superintendent David Gardner and the entire team of water works staff for the great job in handling public funds so efficiently. Perhaps the water works crews could help teach Wall Street a thing or two about fiscal responsibility.