Knockout may come; be ready

Published 10:35 pm Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boxing gloves on. Mouthpiece in. Knees bent.

Come on Mother Nature, we’re ready to fight.

After a hurricane, a tornado and intense downward winds, the Miss-Lou is prepared for anything. It’s obvious the weather likes to pick a fight with our area, so we’ll just have to learn to defend ourselves.

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Emergency Management Director Stan Owens pointed out recently that our county suffered through trial by fire this last year, and he’s right.

Now with yet another hurricane season under way, we simply can’t let our guard down.

Though it seems like every loose or damaged limb has surely fallen by now, we know that’s not true.

And we know that — prepared or not — a hurricane can wreak havoc on us all.

Owens warns that every local resident needs to be ready to care for himself in the case of a storm.

“The first 72 is on you,” he said.

That means that if the storm comes through, roads may be blocked, lights may be out and gasoline and food may not be available.

Everyone needs to take some time to stock up on 72-hours worth of necessities now, before the eye of the storm starts moving our way.

Take personal responsibility for your family and your property, and don’t rely on the government to provide the staples of life.

Ready or not, Mother Nature can always deliver the knockout punch.