NRMC magicians at it once again

Published 10:37 pm Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It seems Natchez Regional Medical Center and all the brass associated with it have perfected mind mastery with the citizens of Adams County.

CEO Scott Phillips and Healthcare Management Partners make Houdini, Criss Angel and David Blaine look inept in the artistry of illusions with their now you see it, now you don’t trickery.

For numerous months the citizens of Natchez, the board of supervisors and the hospital board believed that the sale of Natchez Regional Medical Center was just around the corner. Then the disappearing act occurred and in a puff of smoke, there was no sale.

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The hospital board and board of supervisors were held spell-bound with the magic words that came out of the mouth Mr. Phillips.

Like Kreskin, Scott Phillips made some believe he could see into the future with the sure sale of NRMC. By keeping the supposed buyer secret, many were entertained during the negotiations period that the trick of selling the hospital would come to fruition. But, Mr. Phillips forgot the magic words, and we were later told that the sale failed because Natchez Community Hospital would not sell too.

It was stated that Natchez should have only one hospital, that’s all Natchez can support. Mr. Phillips and hospital board members said the key to NRMC’s future is dependent upon doctor recruitment.

Then steps in a new illusionist, Dr. Kenneth Stubbs. His trick is to make a disappearing act with the doctors at Radiology Associates as his subjects.

Now lets stop this trickery and go back to basics.

Scott Phillips and Dr. Stubbs’ desire to have only one hospital in Natchez will soon become a reality when doctors being recruited to the area discover how NRMC rewards doctors who are loyal to the hospital’s needs. When they see how unprofessionally physicians are treated, I personally don’t see why any doctor would relocate to Natchez. If all doctors leave NRMC after observing how dedicated physicians are rewarded, Mr. Phillips and Dr. Stubbs will get their wish of having one hospital in Natchez — Natchez Community Hospital.

Step aside Penn and Teller, your new replacements in the illusionist business are here. And now ladies and gentlemen without further ado! Here for your entertainment pleasure! The greatest illusionists ever Ken and Scott!

Gary Shaifer

Natchez resident