Church pools funds to help woman in need

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 7, 2009

NATCHEZ — For five years, 78-year-old Dorothy Gaylor has been without a car.

And Gaylor isn’t the type to while away her time at home.

She’s the primary caretaker for her mother, who’s in her 90s, and that keeps her constantly moving.

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“I have errands to do for my mom — her medication and doing the groceries, whatever has to be done. She can’t do anything,” Gaylor said.

And when her former car sputtered out, she was at the mercy of loaning family member’s cars or just learning to do without.

“I wasn’t able to buy another car,” she said.

Knowing her plight, the congregants of Greater Faith Tabernacle Church pooled their resources and have recently bought Gaylor a 2001 Mitsubishi Gallant, and they will be presenting it to her early next week.

Greater Faith Pastor Oscar Davis pulled together the initiative for the woman he considers to be like his own mother.

“Everybody loves her,” Davis said. “She’s like a mom to everybody, she’s already been like a mother to me.”

He said it hardly took any time to raise the money for the car.

“I just challenged 10 people to give $300,” he said.

Davis said congregants were very willing to donate to the cause.

“The Bible says take care of the elderly and the widows; she fits both categories. We’re doing our responsibilities as Christians,” Davis said.

And Gaylor could not be more thrilled.

“I just thank God for them being there for me. They are precious people to me,” she said. “I love them all; I just love them, and I love my pastor because he treats me like I’m his mom. I just love ‘em.”

Aside from using her new car to take care of her mother, Gaylor said she plans to spread the goodwill that she has received.

“I can go places that I couldn’t go. I would like to go on missions, check on people at nursing homes and hospitals,” she said.

Davis said he can’t wait to see the look on Gaylor’s face when he hands over the keys early next week.

“She’s a very beautiful lady and to see the smile on her — we’re just glad to be able to be a blessing in these economical times,” he said.

The church has also used the extra money from the fundraising initiative to pay for the first year of Gaylor’s car insurance.