Locals adopt playmate from humane society

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 19, 2009

NATCHEZ — Starving, dehydrated and abandoned, Egypt the rat terrier seemed to be quite an unlucky pup.

If she could talk, she’d beg to differ now.

The terrier was found in the yard of an abandoned house on Espero Drive last December.

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Without food or water, and the owners clearly long gone, a utility worker notified the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society of the dog’s plight.

She was rescued by humane society board Vice President Nan Garrison, who rushed Egypt to the vet.

The dog was immediately put on an IV drip, because she was so dehydrated, but her personality still shined through.

“She was sweet from the get-go,” Garrison said. “Her recovery was pretty fast.”

And not soon after, Egypt was welcomed into the home of Dr. Carl and Marcia Passman.

Marcia Passman said Egypt fit into the family beautifully and immediately.

“It was wonderful to get a dog that was already housebroken, already spayed and she had a certain amount of manners,” she said.

She also has a certain propensity to arrange the household.

“She likes to collect our shoes,” Marcia Passman said. “She doesn’t chew them, she’ll just empty a closet.”

The Passmans already had a dog, a German shepherd named Libby, who needed a playmate.

“Our German shepherd was getting a little heavy and not getting much exercise,” Marcia Passman said she was told by the vet.

But Egypt soon washed away all those concerns.

“Egypt has truly filled the bill in many ways,” Marcia Passman said. “Not only is she a great pet but she got our German shepherd up and romping again.”

While Libby has been losing the pounds, Egypt has slowly been gaining them back.

Garrison said when Egypt was rescued she was emaciated, even for a rat terrier.

“We’re talking about a dog that should weigh 12 pounds that weighed 7 or 8 pounds max,” she said.

But the Passmans have carefully been watching Egypt fill out, and she now has gained 30 percent of her body weight back.

“We were so proud. Now the vet is going to tell us she’s getting fat,” Marcia Passman said with a laugh.

Both Libby and Egypt are adopted pets, and Marcia Passman said it feels great being able to save animals in need.

“We take in the needy animals, the ones that need a home,” she said.

And Egypt has been a gift to the Passmans.

“It’s just a win-win situation,” Marcia Passman said. “We got such a great pet and then it helps the humane society.

And heaven forbid anything happen to Egypt and Libby, but when or if the Passmans are ready for a new pet, Marcia Passman said their one and only stop will be the humane society.

“We’ve tried to encourage all of our friends looking for an animal to go the humane society.”