Ferriday pool, despite repairs, may not open

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 25, 2009

FERRIDAY — Efforts to bring the Ferriday pool up to code are under way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to open, Mayor Glen McGlothin said.

Two summers ago, the pool — an issue of great contention — opened and closed repeatedly because of safety and health compliance issues. An outside consultant issued a long list of problems the town would have to fix before the pool could be safely reopened.

In 2008, the pool remained closed.

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For the last two weeks, however, workers have been cleaning and repairing the facility, trying to address what needs to be done, said Carl Dangerfield, who served as a consultant for the town the last time the pool was open and has been supervising the work this year.

The work thus far has included making sure the toilets work, finding leaks and making sure children can’t get caught in drains, McGlothin said.

And then there’s the water.

“Basically, we have got to get the pH balance right, and we have to make sure the pumps are working right,” Dangerfield said. “After that, it’s the mayor’s call.”

The water pumps, a source of many of the problems in 2007, have been rebuilt, but the town has not yet been fully able to test them, Dangerfield said.

“We had the pumps on for six hours (Tuesday), but then we had a power outage,” he said.

Even after the work is complete, McGlothin said the town needs two groups to sign off on the facility before it opens — the Department of Health and Hospitals and the town’s insurance company.

The town currently does not have liability insurance for the pool, and can’t open it for public use, McGlothin said.

“If all goes well and we can open it, we will make every effort to do so,” he said.