Co-Lin awards night caps off successful school year

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 12, 2009

NATCHEZ — It was a night of applause, cheers, and even a few tears as Co-Lin’s Natchez campus honored a long list of students and staff recently. The W. L. Nelson Multi-Purpose Room was packed with family, friends and well-wishers during the annual event, one of the highlights of the school year.

Among the event’s top moments was the announcement of the Hall of Fame inductees, the Trillium honoree, the awarding of scholarships and the presentation of club and department awards.

Hall of Fame inductees are Sarah Danielle Thornton and Vera Y. Wilkins of Natchez and Norvell Davis Jr. Fayette.

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In addition, one of the school’s outstanding staff workers was surprised with the news that the campus’ section of Trillium would be dedicated in her honor.

Marguerite Wright of Natchez, accounts payable manager, earned the distinction. Her selection was approved by a committee of campus leaders and former Trillium honorees.

Attending the awards night and participating in presenting some of the awards was Co-Lin President Ronnie Nettles. Also attending was Eugene Bates of Jefferson County, chairman of the Co-Lin Board of Trustees, and his wife Susie Bates, both of whom have endowed a scholarship in their name; Roy Winkworth of Natchez, vice chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Bill Salters of Natchez, chairman of the Co-Lin Foundation Board of Trustees.

Awards inluded:

4 Courtney McGraw of Woodville earned the Outstanding Business Student Award.

4 Marilyn Stacker of Fayette received the Business Technology Award.

4 Rachel Ann Beach of Natchez was the recipient of the Business and Marketing Management Technology Award.

4 Megan Edmonds of Natchez earned the Delta Epsilon Chi Leadership Award.

4 Cain Madden of Natchez received the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Leadership Award.

4 Kawanski Reed of Natchez was presented the Phi Beta Lambda Leadership Award.

4 Emily M. Wiggins of Natchez was given the Outstanding Respiratory Care Practitioner Student Award.

4 The Student Government Leadership Award was presented to Cain Madden (president), Jonathan Beasley (vice president) and Rachel Ann Beach (secretary-treasurer) all of Natchez.

4 The Student Government Association representatives were freshmen representatives: Antoine Waddell Battiste of Natchez, and Wendy S. Cooper of Vidalia. Sophomore representatives: Sherrillia Larene Dunbar of Natchez Rachel Marie Lindsey of Vidalia.

4 Certificates were given to Trillium (the school yearbook) and N-Sights (newspaper) staff workers Cain Madden, Sarah Danielle Thornton Mark M. LaFrancis, Miriam Timmons, Sara Phillips all of Natchez.

4 Wendy Cooper and Rachel Marie Lindsey of Vidalia, Krystal Green and Michelle Lord of Roxie, Courtney McGraw of Woodville and Elizabeth Cowan of Ridgecrest all were recognized for their contributions.

4 Students of the month were applauded for their achievements. They are Landon Henry (September) of Natchez, Katie Stevens (October) of Vidalia, Norvell Davis Jr. (November) , Rachel Ann Beach (December) , Sarah Danielle Thornton (January), Jonathan Austin Beasley (February), Vera Y. Wilkins (March), and Tom Benjamin Lewis(April) all of Natchez.

4 Members of Trailblazers were thanked. They are Rachel Marie Lindsey of Vidalia, Megan Walton of Jonesville, Katelin Thompson of Monterey, Antoine Battiste, Norvell Davis Jr., Chanda Graham, Landon Henry, William Jones, Cain Madden, Oscar Porter, Jarnee Sullivan, Sarah Danielle Thornton, Leonard Andrew Lucas all of Natchez.

4 Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration Recognition: William Scott Crane, student, and Jan Pickle, instructor.

4 A large group of students received certificates signifying their selection for the publication, “Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges.”

They are Kelsey Albritton, Shannon W. Ashley, Megan Austin, Rachel Ann Beach, Jonathan Austin Beasley, Viola Campbell, Norvell Davis Jr., David Earl Graves, Landon Henry, William Jones, Erica Mooney, Mirna Nunez, Oscar Porter, Nicole Redden, April Roberts, Amy Stokes, Jarnnee Sullivan, Kirt Theriot, Sarah Danielle Thornton, Miriam Timmons, Emily Wiggins, Vera Y. Wilkins all of Natchez; Courtney Nicholas of Fayette; Gwendolyn Brown and Sherri Stevens of Roxie; Kimberly Frith and Roslyn Jill Smith of Vidalia, Mitchell Chappell, Sharon Flaccomio, Chris Gann, Donna B. Smith of Woodville and Ella Steven of Centreville.

4 The President’s Council members — all of whom have served in leadership roles in various clubs and organizations — were saluted. They are Rachel Ann Beach, Jonathan Austin Beasley, Kimberly Burlison, Ashley Butler, Beatrice Cole, Norvell Davis Jr., Megan Edmonds, Denver Fuller, Mark M. LaFrancis, Cain Madden, Sarah D. Thornton and Vera Y. Wilkins all of Natchez; Brian Ensminger, Kimberly Frith, Rachel Marie Lindsey all of Vidalia and Chris Gann of Woodville.

4 Students who received scholarships are:

Annette West Donnan Memorial Scholarship: Lisa A. Ratcliff of Natchez.

Sherryn W. McDonald Memorial Scholarship: Valerie D. Davis of Natchez.

E.A. Redd Memorial Scholarship: Beverly G. Boyd of Vicksburg.

Thomas Waring “Buddy” Bennett Jr., Scholarship: Tom Benjamin Lewis, Tracy W. Roberts and Kathryn Bailey all of Natchez.

Dean Jones Gibson Memorial Scholarship: Amy R. McDaniel of Centreville.

Dr. Joey. Paul Memorial Scholarship: Ella Stevens of Centerville.

Gene and Susie Bates Scholarship: Marilyn J. Virgis of Ferriday.

Co-Lin Foundation Scholarships: Kim L. Frith and Wendy S. Cooper of Vidalia.

F. Kenneth McCalip Memorial Scholarship: Rachel Marie Lindsey of Vidalia.

Co-Lin State Farm Endowed Scholarship: Solenia G. Cain of Natchez.

Dr. James H Stribling Memorial Scholarship: Sharla G. Cameron of Natchez.

All-USA Community and Junior College Academic Team Recipients: Sarah Danielle Thornton and April Roberts of Natchez.