CCA is changing Miss-Lou

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our community grew Tuesday — physically, mentally and emotionally.

The regular commute for nearly 400 new employees of the Adams County Correctional Facility is now much deeper into the county than it likely was before. Our new neighbors will mean many of us are making use of a piece of property that used to just be trees.

But even more important than the new structure on U.S. 84 is the optimism Correction Corporation of America has brought to the Miss-Lou.

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While employees are losing the jobs across the country, Adams County is hiring.

The long-awaited infusion of new jobs will have long-term effects that trickle through our entire community. Just ask the folks at Hobo Forks Grocery — CCA’s closest neighbor — how many plate lunches they sell these days.

But better still, the Miss-Lou has a new community member.

We know CCA will contribute to our community in countless ways. We expect their participation in the local Chamber of Commerce, fundraisers and community events.

We want to get to know prison employees and their families who may be new to town. We know these people will soon be a part of our neighborhoods, churches and schools.

And we want to know CCA.

The company is a part of the Miss-Lou now, and we welcome them and the new growth and sense of optimism they bring to our community.