Point Cruz sailors to visit Natchez

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soon the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Point Cruz (CV119E) will have its annual reunion in Natchez. This is the famous group of sailors who received international recognition for a humanitarian act of kindness in 1953 in South Korea.

A famous movie was made about this episode, and it will be the feature movie of the Downtown Development Association’s First Friday event at dusk Friday in front of the Historic Natchez Foundation on Commerce Street.

The reunion will follow, Sept. 14-17.

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Attend the movie and then welcome those crew members who are still able to attend the reunion.

Natchez is top on the list of places to visit and remember because of our hospitality and history.

The movie “A Thousand Men and a Baby,” will touch your hearts and change your lives.

Natchez is where its at.

Folks help us spread the word and welcome this crew with a whopping turnout for the First Friday movie, and when they come later this month, wear patriotic clothes and fly your flags.

Any organization or person that would like to provide souvenirs for welcome packets for these visitors can call me at 601-445-8706.

Help us make this reunion one that will spread the good news that Natchez is still where hospitality is king.

Also, remember to vote in November and support our effort to create a world-class recreational complex for Natchez. Our future as the place to visit needs a little more polish and that’s a good thing for our youth and our tourism.

Erle Drane is the director of Veteran’s Services and a member of the American Legion, Post.