Katrina was good to Miss-Lou

Published 12:27 am Friday, September 4, 2009

Katrina benefited our community

As the fourth anniversary passed for Hurricane Katrina, I realized how much our community benefited from such an awful natural disaster.

Many people relocated to our area. Some purchased second homes and many permanently relocated to our community to begin a new life.

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Working with our new residents has made me very grateful for what we have in our community as well as opened my eyes to constructive criticism on how we can improve to be even better.

To all of our new citizens, thank you for selecting Natchez and the Miss-Lou.

Your accents and “new ideas” have been refreshing and you have made our community even more diverse.

We are glad you are here and we hope that you feel welcome.

Hopefully, your recovery is easing with time.

René Adams

Natchez resident