Voter ID is a must for Mississippi

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 6, 2009

Voter ID is an absolute necessity. When I vote one way and another voter votes an opposite way, this is called “democracy.” When I vote one way and a single other voter votes two or more times against me, it is called “dirty politics.”

ACORN, a sleazy, covert voter registration organization that is based in New Orleans at the very same address as 294 other sleazy, covert operations, should give us a clue as to how they operate. During the past presidential campaign, I saw a young, black man being interviewed who said that he had registered to vote 73 times through ACORN. They told him this would help save the home of a black person. Understand that he was not interested in saving the home of an American, but was only interested in saving the home of a black American. When asked, “Do you think this is legal?” He replied, “They told me it was.”

I’m sure ACORN is very politically connected and it will be an uphill fight to dislodge. The major media organizations seem to love them or fear them. Politicians seem reluctant to discuss them. Possibly they too are afraid of them or they love the warm blanket of extra votes (even though illegal) on Election Day.

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Our local and state politicians, when asked about voter ID, always come back with some stupid rhetoric like, “It brings back memories of slavery to be monitored in this manner.” My math indicates that no one is alive today who remembers slavery.

Many times when I cash a check, they ask for a photo ID. Recently, I was out of town and wanted to break a $100 bill. I took it to a bank who first wanted a photo ID. When I board an aircraft which involves the lives of maybe 200 people, they ask for my photo ID. However, when I go to the polls to vote which impacts the lives of 300 million people, I do not have to show identification.

Since our state politicians are gutless on this matter, it must then become a national issue. Write your congressmen; I did. If a bill requiring a photo ID at the polls ever comes before Congress, I will note who votes against it. It is my contention that all who reject voter ID are rolling in the filth of dirty politics. I will fight fire with fire by voting against them as many times as possible in an effort to vote these bums out. I would hope that all logical, thinking individuals would do the same.

At a recent town meeting, a petition for voter ID was circulating. Join me in joining them!

Ed Field

Natchez resident