Any health care bill will have side effects

Published 12:42 am Thursday, September 17, 2009

Any health care bill will cost at least $800 billion (borrowed money mostly) and current fraud will never be properly addressed.

Any bill will include at least 10-20 new fees and taxes (passed on to the consumer of course). It will have dozens of new un-elected panels, boards and commissions. A bill will cause rationing at some level for some groups.

A health care bill will give birth to health care reform II within three years (because the socialists never get it right or all the control they want).

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Any bill will cause major paperwork headaches for the medical-insurance industry, and be proclaimed by the socialists “a great reform that will eventually be superior” (but that day never arrives).

Any bill will be at least twice as expensive five years from implementation than socialist estimates this year. Any bill will not address properly the three main helpful cost issues (portability, multi-state plans and tort limits), and any bill will cause even more seats to be lost by the socialist party late next year (as details-effects start becoming known.)

Doug Schexnayder