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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The election that is just under a month away was an unexpected one.

No one could have predicted the death of former Sheriff Ronny Brown, and no one wanted the coming sheriff’s race to be necessary.

But, even though we remember fondly our former leader, life must go on and Adams County needs a law enforcement leader.

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In the last six months eight men have thrown their names in to the sheriff’s race and begun their campaigns for the seat.

Local political watchers knew this had the potential to be an interesting and crowded race because there is no incumbent to oust.

The candidates touting their platforms bring a wide range of law enforcement experience to the table. Two of the men have led the local Metro Narcotics unit. Several have been deputies and police officers for the sheriff’s office and police department. And all have been active in community and family life for years.

The political signs are out, the first forum is over and the election is coming soon.

This week, our newspaper began running candidate profiles on each of the would-be sheriffs. Our stories will give you a basic understanding of what each candidate brings to the table and what he would do if elected.

Soon, our editorial board will seek to meet with each candidate one-on-one. We’ll ask the tough questions and give each man a chance to convince us that he is best for the job. Then, we’ll review the facts and offer our opinion in the form of an editorial endorsement for one candidate.

But a voter can’t be overeducated, and we want your help making sure the complete story is told.

Readers, including friends and family of the candidates, are invited to write letters to the editor about the upcoming race.

Our only rule — play nicely.

We will publish letters in favor of one specific candidate, but we will not publish letters bashing another candidate.

If you think one candidate is better qualified for a job than the others, tell us so.

But make sure your letters contain only provable facts or your own personal opinion. We won’t become a forum for mudslinging, and it’s probably best to focus on the candidate you favor, not on the negatives of his opponent.

Write to us about the issues that need to be addressed. What do you want to see in a sheriff? What law enforcement worries need to be addressed in our community? How?

We won’t accept letters from the candidates themselves.

And The Democrat will, as always, reserve the right to edit the letters that include non-proven facts and attacks. Letters should be less than 500 words and we may edit for space or style. We will not edit out your opinion or change any of your points.

All letters related to the election must be received by Oct. 21. No letters about the primary election will be published after Oct. 28.

Readers are also invited to express their opinion about the other issue on the Nov. 3 ballot — recreation.

The outcome of the sheriff’s race and the recreation referendum are important to the future of Adams County. Take them seriously and begin now making sure you — and others — are as informed as possible.

You can e-mail letters to or mail them to P.O. Box 1447, Natchez, MS 39121, or drop them by our office at 503 N. Canal St.

Julie Cooper is the managing editor of The Natchez Democrat. She can be reached at 601-445-3551 or