Elected leaders must respond well, quickly

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 8, 2009

The vote is over and the people have spoken.

I have a list of people to thank, but most of all I would like to thank Leadership Natchez. Everybody in Adams County should know that our future is in good hands. Watching these young people work on this project inspired me and made me feel good about where we are headed. They reminded me that if you work together you can accomplish anything.

I hope all elected officials will take a look at what just happened and start working together.

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One thing I would like to remind supervisors, aldermen and school board members is that the money we are intrusted to oversee belongs to the taxpayers of Adams County and they have spoken.

With 79 percent voting in favor of recreation the officials have an obligation to not only build a complex but to do it without a lot of debate over who will pay what.

Now is not the time to fight, it is the time to work together and give the people what they asked for.

I believe all three boards should sit down and discuss this issue as soon as possible so when we appoint our nine members they will have some direction. This nine-member board should not be political, the people we put on this board will be the driving force of this project.

If this facility is run in the proper manner it cannot only lead to tax revenue but we may be able to expand in the future. When the time comes for public hearings I urge everyone to get involved.

This has the potential to become the best thing to happen in Adams County in a long time but we have to follow Leadership Natchez’s lead and start moving in one direction.

Thanks also go out to the recreation committee that met countless hours for the past year with nothing more than the good of the community in mind.

If more people in Adams County would work together like this group did for a common cause there would be no limit to what this community could accomplish.

Thanks again to everyone who saw the need and took the time to vote for this important issue.

Mike Lazarus

District 1 supervisor, Adams County