Saturday’s walk should start some talk

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Suicide is one of a handful of taboo topics that often turns the volume of an otherwise normal conversation into a whisper as the word is uttered.

We’ve all been a part of those conversations. They generally go something like this, “You know, they think it was (insert uncomfortable pause) suicide.”

The topic may be taboo, but it’s still all too common, touching many families.

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Suicide, like many tragic endings of our earthly lives, can rip apart families.

And despite the guilty feelings we may have in talking about the issue, we should be much more open to the problem. For only when we get such topics out in the open and talk through them, can we begin to understand the underlying issues, and seek to better educate one another on how to spot any potential warning signs.

Approximately 100 residents came out Saturday to the second annual Out of the Darkness Community Walk.

The purpose of the event — and similar events around the country — is to raise funds for research into depression awareness and suicide prevention.

Statistics show that approximately 33,000 Americans commit suicide each year, each leaving an average of six people significantly affected by their death.

Saturday’s event was a great way for our community to come together and begin a conversation that many of us may feel is uncomfortable.

We must work to get past the whispers and begin real, serious communication in order to improve the situation and reducing the number of suicides our community experiences.