Congrats to Trinity Episcopal

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving and football go hand and hand in this part of the country, and today we’ve all got a team for which to root.

The Trinity Episcopal Saints are on their way to the Jackson area this morning to compete in the MAIS Class A State Championship.

The opportunity isn’t a new one for a football program that’s been strong in recent years. But competing for a state championship never becomes old hat.

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The game starts at noon at Millsaps College, and we hope anyone who can, will make the short road trip to support the local boys.

Trinity is the only local school still playing this year. Natchez High, Franklin County, Centreville, Cathedral, Ferriday and Block all made strong playoff appearances, but fell short. We are proud of each of these teams too.

But now with only one team left to support, it’s time to become a black and red town.

Regardless of the outcome today, the Saints have represented our community well this year. We are proud of their hard work, their talent and their success.

High school football in the Miss-Lou is almost over for this year, but we have one last hurrah left to celebrate.

Congratulations boys. And go Saints!