Candidates, county are true winners

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Despite what the final election numbers said Monday evening Adams County has two winners.

Both sheriff candidates Chuck Mayfield and Ray Brown should be congratulated for running one of the cleanest races we’ve seen.

Both men were qualified for the job they sought, and both stuck to talking about their merits, not their opponent’s alleged skeletons.

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Adams County would have been in good hands with either man, and many local residents seemed to realize that.

But the numbers do matter, and Mayfield will be sworn in as Adams County sheriff soon.

We hope the way he ran his campaign carries over to his office, and we look forward to his leadership.

Mayfield acknowledges that the work is just beginning, and he’s right.

He has one of the most important, most stressful jobs in our county and all of us depend on him for our safety.

He’ll need to enter office with a plan, carry out his goals and keep an open mind for the next two years.

Crime has been increasing slightly, and many local residents are on edge. Mayfield needs to take the steps needed to protect us all.

We should remember, too, not to transition to a new sheriff without thanking the woman who has served us faithfully for nine months. To Angie Brown, we truly appreciate your work at a tough time in your life. Your leadership is respected.

As Adams County turns over a new leaf, we trust that Mayfield will make our home a better place to live.