Letter writer wrong about Texas

Published 12:39 am Sunday, December 6, 2009

In reference to the letter written by Mr. Frank Rowe and published on Dec. 1, I would request that Mr. Rowe explain his position more clearly.

How would the other 49 states be better off without Texas, which seems to be the only area of our country creating any new jobs?

As history shows, the current “mess we’re in” started with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Barney Franks and Christopher Dodd added a whole lot with Fannie Mac and Fannie Mae stating they were solvent when the previous administration requested an audit. As later proven, they were not solvent. California’s representative Waxman’s bill “cap and trade” will more than double our electric and fuel rates.

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Our president is hosting a “job creation conference,” but has not invited the two organizations that represent the sector of our economy that creates the most jobs in any given area — the Chamber of Commerce and a branch of the Small Business Administration.

The president chose to announce his Afghan plan at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The media refers to West Point as an “enemy camp.” When did our future military leaders become enemies?

We would be better off to send our entire national government home and allow the Texas legislature to take over. They have shown their ability in having a balanced budget and in creating jobs. That alone would provide a sound base for “smaller government.”

Henry R. Gaudé

Natchez resident