Local doctor offers fat burning laser treatment

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vidalia — Weight loss procedures no long require you to go under the knife.

Dr. John White, local physician and medical director at the Riverfront Royale Salon and Spa is now offering Zerona laser treatments that aid the body in dispelling fat cells.

“It is a totally non-invasive procedure,” White said. “There is a procedure out now that is called laser assisted lipo, but even that is invasive.”

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The procedure, which is a series of six 40-minute sessions, uses the Zerona laser to target fat cells below the skin, penetrate the cell wall, releasing the fat. The body moves the fat out of the body through the digestive system.

“It isn’t weight loss as much as it is body sculpting,” White said. “Patients who complete the two-week series will lose inches all over their body.”

The laser treatment zone is from the chest area to upper thigh, but White said his patients have experienced inch loss in other areas of the body as well including the arms and legs.

“The most we have seen is a total of 16 inches lost,” White said. “This process triggers something in the body that breaks down fat all over the body.”

In the procedure, a series of lasers move over the treatment zone on both sides of the body. Each side of the body is treated for 20 minutes, three times a week.

“The company is now offering a guarantee that if you don’t lose four inches after the first six sessions, they will give you six more sessions free,” White said. “That is how confident they are in the results.”

White and Riverfront Royale have been offering the procedure for just over a month, and more than a half-dozen patients have used the Zerona laser treatment.

Prior to starting the laser treatments, patients must begin taking a nutritional supplement called Courva, begin a moderate exercise routine such as walking three times a week and increase their water intake.

White said patients must drink, in ounces, half of their body weight. For example, if a patient weighs 150 pounds, they have to drink 75 ounces of water each day.

“This a good jump start for a healthier lifestyle for people interested in that,” White said. “It lets people see on paper real results quickly and that helps keep them motivated to maintain the lifestyle.”

White said unlike a diet and exercise plan that can take longer to yield results, the laser treatment can shave off as much as two dress sizes in the first series of sessions.

And unlike other weight loss procedures and plans, the Zerona laser has no side effects, White said.

“There is no pain, no skin discoloration, no burning — absolutely no side effects at all,” White said. “And it is quiet during the procedure so there is no nervousness at all.”

White also said there are no preexisting medical conditions that disqualify a patient from the procedure.

“I’ve done the procedure on patients from early 30s to late 70s,” White said.

Patients satisfied with the results can also begin the procedure again shortly after the first round of treatments.

“We ask that you wait about two weeks before doing it again, but after that come on,” he said.

The procedure costs $1,800 for all six sessions, which is low, White said, compared to the more than $3,000 it can cost on the West Coast.

The procedures are done at Riverfront Royale Salon and Spa. White has an ear, nose and throat practice at Riverpark Medical Center.

For more information contact Riverfront Royale Salon and Spa at 318-336-8898.