Judge Davis has hard tasks ahead

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Adams County area lost two public servants in the last year to unexpected deaths.

First Sheriff Ronny Brown, then Chancery Court Judge Kennie Middleton.

Both men had served the area well and will be missed for years to come.

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But business must go on, and now, both seats are filled.

New Sheriff Chuck Mayfield was joined Tuesday by new Judge Vincent Davis.

Though the two likely won’t cross paths too often — since chancery court focuses on civil cases not criminal ones — they both have high orders to carry out.

Davis brings years of law experience to the bench as well as a familiarity with the communities he’ll serve.

And his goals for the job are right on track.

“The only way I know to carry myself is to be the kind of person that listens before I make decisions, be very deliberate and try to be fair,” Davis said Monday.

The life of a judge isn’t a fun one. Since the decisions he makes will often change the lives of all parties involved, he’ll make plenty of enemies and few friends.

He’ll constantly have to fight the battle of public perception, proving tirelessly that he acts without bias and as fairly as possible.

But Davis said he is ready to tackle the task.

We trust that he’ll stick to his goals and represent our area well.