Grab your pups and get a ‘Little Fix’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Miss-Lou has a golden opportunity to address a huge problem in our community: pet overpopulation. The Mississippi Spay and Neuter (MS SPAN) “Little Fix” Clinic is coming to town!

MS SPAN is a Mississippi based, non-profit organization with a focus on preventing the birth of unwanted dogs and cats by offering high quality, high volume, affordable spay/neuter services.

Pet overpopulation is the most significant factor leading to euthanasia of healthy, homeless animals. Accessible, affordable spay/neuter services are a crucial tool to address this problem. The “Little Fix” Clinic has made a generous commitment to bring their mobile unit, vet and vet tech, to work here in Natchez one weekend a month, for up to a year, as long as there is a demand. Rivergate Bowl, 285 John R. Junkin Drive, has also made a generous commitment by allowing the clinic to use their parking lot this Friday.

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MS SPAN will need two to three volunteers locally to help in the clinic on the weekends they are here. Donations of food for the workers, as well as tax-deductible corporate and individual donations, are needed also. Monetary donations can be made in honor of friends and family for holidays, memorials and birthdays.

The clinic is to be used by individuals who have $28,000 annual income or less and for rescue animals. The reduced cost surgery is: $25 for male cat, $35 for female cat, $55 for small male dog, $65 for small female dog and $75 for more than 40 lbs. The cost includes a rabies shot and tag. Animals will be released the same day as their surgeries.

They cannot do surgeries on animals older than age 6 or on ones that have medical problems.

MS SPAN’s hope is that individuals who can afford the services will pay; donations will provide for those unable to pay, as well as feral/wild cats and stray dogs. MS SPAN’s services would help create a more humane and compassionate community for our animals. There will be less stray, homeless, unwanted animals struggling to exist and out of our already over-burdened local shelter. There simply aren’t enough homes for them all. Adoptions are wonderful, but they are reactive. Spay/neuter is proactive.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Spread the word to friends, neighbors or anyone with pets that might benefit from MS SPAN’s clinic.

2. Volunteer to help in the clinic itself.

3. Volunteer to bring food to the workers on clinic days.

4. Tax deductible monetary donations are needed for individuals who are unable to pay, but need the services.

5. Thank those at Rivergate Bowl for their community service.

Mark your calendar!

The MS SPAN Little Fix Clinic will be in the Rivergate Bowl parking lot at 285 John R. Junkin Drive from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday.

Appointments for spay/neuter surgeries are made by calling MS SPAN’s phone toll free at 866-901-7729.

For local info, donations, volunteers, etc call Ginna Holyoak at 601-442-9586 or Merideth Trovato at 601-442-8684.

Merideth Trovato is a member of Friends of 4 Paws.