With time running out, save time, shop at home

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If you’re like us, a quick glance at the calendar may give you cause for concern — or at least a quick “gulp” moment of clarity.

It may not yet seem like it, but counting today, only 10 shopping days remain until Christmas 2009 is here.

For some of us, that means the next several days will be filled with some last minute shopping.

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As you head out this week to be Santa’s Miss-Lou helpers, remember how important it is to shop at home first.

We’ve said it a thousand times — maybe more — but it deserves mention again this year: supporting area merchants is important.

Obviously, we understand that some items may not be available here, but thousands of great gifts are available right here at home.

And, by shopping at home, more of your dollars are staying here in our community.

From the rollover effect of the money you spend — a dollar paid to a merchant helps him employee people, who in turn spend money, etc. — to the very real effect on sales tax revenue, spending with local merchants matters greatly.

Too often, some consumers take the attitude that “my few dollars spent in Baton Rouge won’t matter much” but when you and five or 10 of your friends start thinking that way, the impact quickly snowballs.

Save your gas — and your local merchants — and shop at home this year, at least as much as possible.

And remember to keep the real reason for the season at the top of your mind and your hearts.