Good seeds are spreading

Published 12:31 am Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teens these days are just out of control.

They don’t listen, they don’t work and you never know where they are, right?

That thought may apply to some teenagers, but not to all.

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Monday night nearly 50 local teens grabbed a pew in the sanctuary at First Baptist Church in Vidalia to do a little movie watching.

They didn’t sneak into an R-rated flick filled with blood and sex scenes. No, they went to a church to watch a movie about themselves.

To Save a Life is a movie about teens aimed at teens. It focuses on teen issues and uses Christian themes to inspire and educate its audiences.

Youth groups at three local churches — Vidalia FBC, Parkway Baptist and Crosspoint Church — have begun a movement to get the movie brought to the Cinema IV in the Natchez Mall.

They’ll have to convince the theater owners and the movie producers that enough teenagers will pay to see the movie in order to bring it here.

Teens who have seen the movie think it could have a positive influence on their friends and classmates, and they are working to make sure others see it.

So before you write off another young generation, remember that they aren’t all bad. And some, we see, are even working hard to help their peers.