Rock with us to benefit Kyle’s House

Published 12:01 am Friday, December 18, 2009

Would you like to find a rocking establishment where you can have a great evening, catch up with old friends, and help a really good cause, all at the same time?

I have just the spot for you! Please join us on Wednesday evening, Dec. 23, at Bowie’s Tavern for Kyle’s House Rocks.

I hope that by now most of you all know about Kyle’s House. It is a relatively new center — just about a year and a half old — that was designed as a day care center with a particular focus on special needs children. The house also serves as a resource center for parents of special needs children.

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We also care for lots of children in the day care who do not have special needs, but the whole purpose of Kyle’s House was to be sure our special needs children had a center where their potential could be fully cultivated and realized and where their parents could find and utilize services which would benefit their particular situations.

Because Kyle’s House is a non-profit organization, its rates are structured to help these families who are struggling through a confusing maze of opportunities, and in some cases, roadblocks for their children.

We are so fortunate to have the Bowie’s location as well a time and talent donated by four great bands — Aviator Ominous, Barefoot Tendencies, In Red Letters and Rayzer. The evening will start at 6 p.m.

For a $10 donation at the door you can hang with us for the whole evening and listen to great music from these bands.

That donation also gets you one free event drink ticket and one raffle ticket.

There will be Gallo wine products and Anheuser-Busch beer products available as part of the event.

Your donation at the door, proceeds from any extra purchases you make from Gallo and Anheuser-Busch stations and any extra raffle tickets will go directly to Kyle’s House. Where else can you get a bigger bang for your buck?

Don’t miss this opportunity to have a really good time and help a really good cause. This college crowd will be home, family members who are scattered the rest of the year will be here for the holiday, and the generous donations from Bowie’s, our bands and our wine and beer sponsors all roll into one great night.

Good friends, good music, good fun and good hearts — what better way to share our holiday time together and do a good deed in the process?

My family and I hope to see you there.

Stephanie Hutchins is a board member for Fertile Ground, Inc., and vice president for public affairs at Southwest Distributors, Inc.