Hammond leaving Franklin County

Published 12:01 am Saturday, December 19, 2009

MEADVILLE — After two seasons of patrolling the sidelines at Franklin County High School, head football coach Trent Hammond will be marching up and down a different sideline next year.

Hammond has accepted a job to coach at Amory High School in 2010. Dialogue with school officials at Amory took place throughout the last couple of weeks, Hammond said, and details are still being finalized.

“It just came about in talks with the superintendent and principal there,” Hammond said.

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“I’ve known the superintendent there for a little while. It’s just one of those things (that comes with being) around coaching a long time. They talked with coaches that have coached against me and with me, and they just felt like it was a good fit.”

Hammond said he’s already spoken with the players about the decision.

“To me, that’s the hardest thing in the world, when you’re looking at another job, is having to tell the players,” Hammond said. “You get so close to them, so they’re the first people you have to talk to.”

Although the players were saddened by the news, Hammond said they have no ill feelings towards him for taking the job at Amory.

“There were a lot of shocked and heartbroken kids (when I told them), but a lot of them came up and said, ‘Coach, we know you have to do what’s best for you.’

“The kids here are extremely special. They’re a hard-working bunch of players. They’re here six days a week during football season and every day in the summer. There are just some special kids here.”

Hammond compiled a 22-6 record in his two seasons coaching the Bulldogs. In 2008, he lead his team to the Class 3A South State title game, and to the third round of the Class 3A playoffs in 2009.

All the success Hammond had in his two years can be attributed to his players, he said.

“All my accomplishments here are based on these kids. The coaches have coached them hard and they’ve played well for us.”

Hammond listed several things that stood out about Amory in his mind.

“It’s a place with a great football tradition,” Hammond said. “Their facilities are second-to-none. It’s in Class 4A and has been great in the past. It’s a school with potential.”

However, Hammond also stressed that he had nothing but positive thoughts about Franklin County, and his time roaming the Bulldog sideline.

“There’s nothing negative here (towards Franklin County). Sometimes things just happen that you don’t foresee.”