Doing ‘something’ isn’t the answer

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 20, 2009

“Markey responded that Congress is better off doing something than nothing because ‘it’s no longer a question of legislation or no legislation, it’s a question of legislation or regulation,’” from a report on a debate on Global Warming recently.

Keep in mind climate changes monthly and has for eons before there was America. This is the modern liberal Democrat attitude toward everything.

Democrats put together a huge complicated (misnamed) bill as secretly as possible because “something” must be done ASAP. Then they lie up front, again, about its true cost — usually by 300-900 percent.

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Then they attempt to blame Republicans for opposing it, despite not needing them to pass anything these days.

Then they proclaim the greatest blah, blah, blah that saved America from Hades.

Then they borrow tens (or hundreds) of billions from China regardless of current debt.

Then they whine about the debt and plan taking even more of your paycheck while government hiring continues surging year after year.

And within a year they plan to “re-visit” all these ineffective bills to repeat instead of reform those same dumb expensive mistakes.

Secular socialism marches on. You will be legislated or regulated. It is what they do and do and do and do, Democrat Markey got that right.

Doug Schexnayder

Vidalia resident