Muddied roads need county attention

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 20, 2009

I am only speaking for my neighborhood. The supervisors have forgotten our districts, four and five.

The problem we are having is the water is stopping the culverts up. The road is divided into two districts — four and five.

I would like to address the problem for the entire neighborhood. We want some attention given to this problem as soon as possible. The driveways are being washed out. They have no gravel on it. Mud and grass is the only thing we have in the driveway.

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I live in District five, but if I cross the street I live for my neighbors in District 4.

The children on those school buses are living with this problem.

The weather is not bad always, but I speak about because it is easy to get in the mud and tear up your yards.

Leroy Chatman

Natchez resident