Skater gets creative

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Without a skateboarding park in Natchez, area enthusiasts are forced to improvise, turning some of the most ordinary places into a skateboarder’s paradise.

Skateboarder Sam Fury, 14, spent his Friday afternoon skating at one of his favorite spots in town, behind the Coors Light and Old Milwaukee Beer distribution center on Liberty Road.

“You don’t have to drive downtown,” Fury said.

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Considering Fury only lives about a block away, he and his friends skateboard at the center as often as they can whenever it isn’t open.

Using hard rubber pallets, he built jumps and edges to grind. After building up his courage he made an approximate 4-foot vertical drop off the edge of the loading dock, flipping and spinning his board under his feet in the air before landing on a smooth service he made with a piece of plywood and hard plastic sheets.

After skating, he puts everything back where he got it, so workers can’t even tell he was there.

So while many of his friends lounged away their Christmas holidays indoors, Fury found refuge on his skateboard.

“It’s better than sleeping,” Fury said.