Ferriday line break drops pressure, closes schools

Published 12:14 am Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FERRIDAY — Water pressure in Ferriday has dropped to a drip due to a broken line, Ferriday Water Superintendent Gregory Griggs said.

The line is located somewhere between the water treatment facility in Ridgecrest and the Ferriday water tower. town water crews are working to isolate every line in an effort to locate the leak.

“We have an extensive system, and if a line busts close to a drain or a canal, you have to be right there on top of it to see it,” he said.

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Standing groundwater has also hindered the search for the broken line, he said.

The line break was likely caused by the recent freezing weather, Griggs said.

The problem of low water pressure, which began Sunday, was compounded by the fact that many people were dripping their faucets in an attempt to stave off frozen pipes, he said.

Despite the annoyance caused by the low pressure, people have been supportive of the water crew, Griggs said.

“They are behind us and know we are working to get this fixed,” he said.

The Ferriday public schools and Ridgecrest Elementary will be closed Wednesday due to the lack of water pressure at the school sites.

Superintendent Loretta Blankenstein said the schools were open Tuesday, but the school district decided to close them after lunch because the toilets could not be flushed due to low water pressure.

Wednesday was set to be an early dismissal day for students anyway, Blankenstein said.

“We decided hopefully that would give the town time to get the water situation straight and we could come back Thursday,” she said.

The cafeteria food at Ridgecrest Elementary is prepared at one of the Ferriday schools.