Friday headline insulting to crisis

Published 12:06 am Sunday, January 17, 2010

Your Friday morning news article headline about helping the earthquake victims of Haiti was insulting to say the least.

How could your newspaper even phantom the idea to print such an outrageously misleading line: “Red Cross ready to help Haiti if needed.”

The whole world knows Haiti needs all the help the world can share and more, due to the wholesale devastation of the physical structures of homes, schools, hospitals, government buildings, other buildings and the huge amount of injuries and loss of human lives.

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Your headline in my mind tended to be confusing and could have given an impression to some readers that immediate humanitarian help is not needed in Haiti.

What is more disheartening were comments about what the federal authorities are saying and doing, as well as perceptions about the safety of people going to Haiti to help out.

Yes! People in Haiti need help from any sources, politics and personal beliefs aside.

For persons who will not wait until whatever, I have located a reliable and hands-on-the-ground organization that has been in Haiti for years helping children.

The United States’ working partner for this Haitian group is the long time Community Bookstore institution in New Orleans.

The New Orleans community long since associated with “Sister Vera” and her Community Bookstore.

The vehicle for providing a one-stop umbrella source for getting funds and supplies directly on the ground at the grassroots levels is the well-known community based foundation in Haiti.

It is named The Hope For Haitians Children Foundation. It is operated by the long-time New Orleans friend Sister Marie Jose Poux in Haiti.

The Community Bookstore in New Orleans maintains a warehouse where they have collected material donations and shipped them to the foundation over the years.

They are now accepting the most needed items asked for by the Hope For Haitians Children Foundation on the ground in Haiti.

These items are medical supplies (pain relievers for children and adults, alcohol, bandages, etc.), staple dry food goods, tents, generators, flashlights, batteries and just about anything you can think of that children and their parents can use immediately.

Your monetary donations are to be made to the order of: Hope for Haitians Children Foundation.

Send in c/o: Community Bookstore 2523 Bayou Road New Orleans, LA 70119.

Phone contact for the New Orleans Vice President of the Hope for Haitians Children Foundation is: 504-948-0159 at the Community Bookstore. You can call them and check them out!

Persons having material donations who wish to drop them off for the foundation’s warehouse shipment from New Orleans to Haiti, can drop material donations at 2523 Bayou Road New Orleans.

If you have something to share, thank God for the blessings of sharing.

Ser Seshs Ab Heter-CM Boxley

Natchez resident