ACSO making a difference

Published 12:37 am Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If more children in Adams County associated law enforcement with a fishing pole, a firm handshake and a friendly grin, life might just become a bit better for us all.

Too many children these days think of the cops as the scary men who chase people and bust down doors.

TV, movies and, sadly, real life have taught our children to fear the good guys and associate with the bad guys.

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That childhood fear turns into teenage angst and adult hatred. And when the law is the enemy, life isn’t friendly.

But a few good men at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office are trying to reverse this pattern, make a difference and have a little fun.

Under the leadership of Capt. Randy Freeman the ACSO is restarting the Junior Deputy Program that has been inactive for eight years.

The program pairs up children and deputies for activities such as fishing and fundraisers such as car washes. It teaches responsibility, while giving many children a much-needed role model — often male — and showing them that deputies aren’t bad guys.

The restart of the program is also a shining star cooperation and teamwork between two former opponents. Sheriff Chuck Mayfield defeated Freeman to take the seat a few months ago, but seeing both men work together for the good of the community is inspiring.

We hope the deputies involved will be able to form meaningful bonds that will benefit our community for years to come.