What will the Democrats say now?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 21, 2010

OK, the Republican stomped the socialist party into the ground in the state of Kennedy, Frank and Kerry. How will the democrats/socialists react? How will Obama react?

If history is an indication, Obama will be mad and the rest will simply make up excuses. Here are some excuses heard Monday.

“Voters are mad at the previous administration. Coakley ran a sorry campaign. Obama came in too late,” yada, yada, yada.

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What they will not admit is the reality that voters rejected Obama-ism. They rejected four-times the debt; they rejected two-times the jobless; they rejected government health care; they rejected citizen rights for terrorists, they rejected the transparency lie; they rejected the daily arrogance of the Obama hacks and the Reid-Pelosi attitude. Maybe not every voter rejected all of these but the sum total was fatal.

History also teaches us (or should) that when voters see the ugly terrifying face of arrogant secular socialism, the democrats/socialists start losing at the polls. Carter left a bitter failure in denial. Clinton had a Republican Congress plus Morris to save his economy and second term.

It’s never the tax and spend wild-eyed vote-buying antics they love so much. Sadly, they have three more years to create excuses while ignoring “we the people.”

Doug Schexnayder

Vidalia resident