Fans are seated; it’s game time

Published 12:02 am Friday, January 22, 2010

The fans started the wave in November, now it’s time for the players to produce.

The community saw forward movement Wednesday night when recreation supporters gathered with elected officials to outline a time line for the next play.

Ideally, the committee that started recreation talks a year ago hopes to see a recreation commission by Feb. 17. The establishment of the committee falls on the backs of the city, county and school boards, who must appoint three members each.

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As these boards are making their appointments, we hope a few things will be posted clearly on the locker room wall.

First and most important, the commission members must be people who truly care about the future of our community.

The members must also recognize that the vast majority of Adams County voters have issued a mandate to see a recreation complex soon and be willing to move mountains to make that happen.

They must have a desire to create an all-inclusive plan that does it’s best to offer something for everyone.

And the members must recognize that a spending cap has already been set, and remaining in it is a requirement.

With solid commission members in place, the real game can begin quickly.

The fans will be standing by to cheer, armchair quarterback and point out flaws, yes, but the outcome of the game depends on nine star players we’ve all yet to meet.