City intersection poses problems

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beware — running stop signs is a common occurrence in Natchez. Last year, a neighbor was seriously injured and airlifted to University Medical Center after being hit by someone running the stop sign at Orleans and South Union streets.

Last month, I was nearly run down at this same intersection by someone barreling up Orleans that failed to stop. Last week, another neighbor’s car was totaled by a Natchez police officer that also apparently missed seeing the stop sign.

Signs are difficult to see due to low hanging limbs. In addition to tree trimming, select downtown intersections should have crosswalks painted on the pavement to help draw attention to the stop signs.

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Traffic enforcement also needs to be increased.

Let’s avoid the tragedy of having someone killed at a Natchez intersection by a driver that either can’t see the signs or be bothered to stop.

Jay Fitch

Natchez resident