Recruitment model worthy of study

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 29, 2010

It’s sometimes difficult to find anything but good news in the city of Vidalia, and Wednesday was no different.

The city’s newest industry, Louisiana Elastomer, announced plans to expand, open a new facility and employ 86 more people.

That’s great news for the company and the area, and we hope the deal turns out even better than planned.

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But it’s important to realize that the sun doesn’t shine down on Vidalia without daily maintenance from the cloud patrol.

A close look at the announcement made by LAEL, quickly shows you that the city’s leaders worked hard to make this happen and are willing to accommodate the needs of the industry.

Vidalia approved taking out $2.5 million in bonds to finance the construction of the new building LAEL plans to lease.

For 25 years, the city will own the building, and LAEL will pay rent.

Vidalia also gets the benefit of touting an expanded industrial park, a growing existing industry and a company that makes a product other industries might like to move to town and use.

Vidalia has made it easy for LAEL to expand. The city knows how to attract business and industry, and their model is one worthy of study.

No one wants to move to town without a home in which to move.