Be careful if streets are slippery

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday afternoon, children waited and watched the windows in anticipation of the white stuff falling from the sky while most adults wondered: How will this affect me?

If the weather forecasters hit a home run, our area may see several inches of snow on the ground this morning.

Snow, even a few inches, here in the Deep South tends to shut things down — and for good reason.

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We simply don’t see the stuff often enough to be fully equipped to deal with getting the roads cleaned up quickly. Nor do most of us have enough experience driving in winter weather to be safe.

A wise man once said before considering taking a trip in sketchy weather, “We don’t have to be anywhere, but we are.”

That’s good advice.

So if you don’t have to be anywhere when and if snow is falling or on the ground, just stay put.

Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the rest of us, hundreds of public servants will brave the weather to ensure that emergency service needs are met and that utility services continue.

For each of them, we say an early “thank you” and urge them to be careful as they go about their day.

Let’s hope that if the weather forecasters do make contact with the ball and send it over the fences that our community is the wise and blessed one that makes it through the winter storm without any problems.

And, the snow reminds us all, who is actually running things here on earth. (And here’s a hint: It’s not any of us humans).