Headline disrespectful to Christians

Published 10:49 pm Saturday, February 13, 2010

I was stunned by your Super Bowl report. “Voodoo Victory?” I can’t imagine any headline that you might have chosen that could be more offensive to your Christian readership. If you value your readers and advertisers who take our Christianity seriously, I would think that a retraction is in order.

Want to sell papers? Who do you think buys them? Christians have a voice, and it is being heard and felt.

Lots of folks are talking, what do you want them to say?

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Not only are people talking about your editorials and news reports, Catholics are writing the Catholic leaders. We are terribly disappointed in Louisiana and Mississippi.

That one woman, with your help, could, with the stroke of your pen, claim the victory of the Saints.

One questions your motives!

Get creative, but get factual on your reporting.

Why were the Saints players, leadership, coaches etc. in training? They went to win.

What was their hard work and accomplishment worth to you as a newspaper and its writers?

Please write another editorial or sports column on the hard work and the teamwork of the Saints.

Give credit to the right place. God rewards those that diligently seek him and you will find these guys really did pray to God with humble hearts, and ran out their victory!

Gwen Bradford Peterson

Ferriday resident