Adams County’s On the Move club wins state 4-H Governors Award

Published 11:59 pm Sunday, February 14, 2010

As much as I wanted to write about snow effects and valentines’ plantings, something is more important this week. I am going to deviate from my usual homeowners’ questions and speak about one of our other overlooked commodities, the youth of Adams County.

The Adams County 4-H program is honored to have some of the brightest youth around participating in our programs. We have youth that participate from every school in the county and some even from other counties and parishes. Last week, many of these youth through their hard work won a very prestigious award, on which I would like to elaborate.

Every year Chevron donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to youth causes, one of them being the 4-H Community Pride Grant. 4-H clubs from across the state can apply for this grant and use it in a way to help increase community pride through beautification, modification, or any other way which seems fit. The Adams County On the Move 4-H Club lead by volunteer leader Hattie Harris applied for and received one of these grants along with 57 other counties. The club went on to plant over 500 bulbs, shrubs, flowers and trees across the city in neighborhoods, public right ways and other places. After careful judging we received word that we were a finalist of the Community Pride award.

Last Tuesday, Feb. 9, I had the pleasure of going along to Jackson with five youth, Jasmine Winding, Chelsea White, Marquita Wallace, Henry Mitchell, and Valencia Alexander, to receive the award at the annual Mississippi Legislative Luncheon. One award was awarded to each congressional district, however after all the districts were awarded the Adams County On the Move club was still sitting there with no award. Next, they acknowledged three other award recipients. The first was the Secretary of State Award, the Second the Lieutenant Governor Award, and finally the Governors Award. I was sitting there to the end wondering are we even going to get mentioned until time for the final award of the luncheon, the most prestigious award of the year, the Governors Award. Then all at once it was announced, “The Governors Award goes to the On the Move 4-H Club from Adams County!”

This is an amazing accomplishment for Adams County and we should all be proud of the amazing accomplishments of these young youth and their parents and leaders. One of the cornerstones of 4-H is to teach youth to serve their club, community, county and world and these youth are living that pledge. Congratulations to all of you!

Along with this we have some new staff joining the Adams County Extension Office that will assist in our extension and youth development goals. On Feb. 1, Ms. Emma Claire Collins joined our staff as our new family nutrition program associate. Emma is from Scott County and has a long history of participating in extension programs. In addition, Monday Mr. Jason Jones will start as Adams County 4-H Agent. Jason is transferring to us from the Desoto County Extension. Please help welcome these new employees to Adams County and the Miss-Lou.

David Carter is the director of the Adams County Extension Service. He can be reached at 601-445-8201.