Local married couples are community’s real superstars

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 14, 2010

Watch most Hollywood film or television dramas and it’s easy to begin believing that the traditional marriage is a thing of the past.

Marriages are of convenience and last only as long as two people get along and enjoy the bond, correct?

Billboards on our highways echo these descriptions of the short-term, disposable marriage by touting low-cost, flat rate packages for legal help in getting divorces.

Quite simply, these messages may be counter to what mothers and fathers and churches have taught for generations — that marriages are a lifetime commitment.

Interestingly, despite what Hollywood may put on the pedestal and call “normal” a few local couples share opposite experiences today.

For each couple, they’ve taken their marriage commitment seriously and explain how they’ve managed to stay together for more than 50 years each.

The underlying messages they paint are simple: It’s not easy; marriage takes work, and lots of it.

But unfortunately, telling someone that a successful marriage takes work isn’t popular.

Our society often looks at people who quickly gain wealth and popularity and place them high upon a pedestal.

As a result, many would argue, we’re rearing generations of children who think that fame and popularity are more important than hard work and good morals.

Fortunately, our community is filled with true heroes, true community rock stars that should set a great example for us all. We all just have to work hard to make sure we put those heroes — not Hollywood’s — on our community’s pedestal.