Snow added to week of good news

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 15, 2010

Nothing wipes away a week’s worth of worries like 5 inches of snow.

The beautiful blanket that greeted the Miss-Lou Friday morning was certainly great news for school children and many adults. A day of memory-making family moments followed, and the remnants of snowmen dot town today.

It’s a bit difficult to remember the rest of the week, we agree, but let’s try to review a few other great things that happened last week.

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– Geraldine Felton-Doss from Fayette is leading a tent drive to collected needed shelter for the victims of Haiti’s earthquake. Doss, a registered nurse, is waiting to make a trip to the country to work, but she couldn’t just wait; she had to do something. The tent drive is a great reminder that one person in our community can make a difference for dozens.

– The Krewe of Phoenix Mardi Gras parade rolled Friday despite the winter surprise, much to the delight of beat catchers lining the downtown streets.

– Vidalia High School students participated in their first science fair in recent years, exploring the scientific method and even learning that most female dogs are right-pawed.

February goes by fast, so remember only a few weeks remain for good deeds this month.