Computers stolen from Boys & Girls Club

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NATCHEZ — Boys & Girls Club Director Fay Minor met an unsettling sight Monday morning when she discovered 14 computers had been stolen from club’s headquarters on Homochitto Street.

Minor said three desktop computers and 11 laptop computers, mostly Dells, were stolen from the club’s technology lab between Friday and Monday. A projector used for PowerPoint presentations was also stolen. The club was closed Friday due to the winter storm.

“It’s just sad because we worked so hard to try to have something for the kids,” Minor said. “We used those computers for education programs, homework, Internet, and the computer in the main office had all our records and financial information.

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“It’s just unbelievable because it took us a while to open because of the economy. Everything was running smoothly. We were catching up and doing well.”

Minor believes the intruders entered the building by removing the club’s main window heating unit, which is now destroyed.

“They broke a couple of windows in the main office to get in the door,” Minor said. “Then they went into the main office, and got the keys out of the desk for the tech lab.”

Minor said the intruders ripped off the combination locks attached to the computers and left behind the electrical cords used to recharge them.

“The computers alone were worth $1,000 each or more,” Minor said.

Minor said the club will be closed today as the Natchez Police Department assesses the damage. She expects the club will reopen Wednesday.

Minor urges anyone with information about the break-in to contact the NPD at 601-445-5565.