Let’s enforce handicapped parking laws

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I do not know why the law is not being enforced in Natchez. I refer to the law pertaining to handicapped parking.

According to the Attorney General for the State of Mississippi. It is illegal to park in a handicapped parking space without a placard or license. If you are caught parking illegally, the fine for a first or second offense is $200. If you are convicted more than twice, you are subject to license suspension of 90 days and additional fines. These penalties will not be waived or suspended.”

Law enforcement personnel may be reluctant to come onto private parking lots to enforce this law. The Attorney General continues: “I direct your attention to Section 27-19-56 of the Mississippi Code. It provides that all law enforcement officers are authorized to enforce this law on public and private property. Also, the owner of private property may tow away a vehicle that is parked on the owner’s private property in violation of this section at the vehicle owner’s expense.”

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We all know that merchants are not going to call the police to cite their customer’s vehicles or tow away their cars. We all know that the security guards hired by the merchants are not going to discourage customers by having a confrontation with them over handicapped parking. Therefore, it is left to us (private citizens) to call the police and inform them of these infractions.

If you don’t see a handicapped sign on the license plate or a handicapped sign clearly displayed in the front windshield of a vehicle parked in a handicapped parking space, please call the Natchez Police at 601-445-5565. This is an easy number to remember or plug into your phone. Please do not use the emergency 911 number.

By calling the police you are not only doing a favor for the truly handicapped, but you may also be contributing to the coiffures of Natchez. A few $200 fines may help us fill in the potholes around here with some of the hot-mix that is being used to construct speed humps.

Ed Field

Natchez resident