I was deputized and I’m proud of it

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 18, 2010

While looking through some old boxes a few months ago, I came across something that brought back a lot of memories, my Junior Deputy Badge.

I was 12 when I took the oath of a Junior Deputy. I can still even remember what I wore that day. It was something that excited me to join.

I knew I would be able to serve the public and learn to become a better citizen. I participated in many of the activities that the Junior Deputy program had such as a haunted house, paintball wars, community service, fishing rodeos, the sheriff’s rodeo and many other things.

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As a Junior Deputy, the adult deputies introduced me to community service, many aspects of law enforcement, hunter safety, map reading, camping and tons of other skills that I still use today.

I’m excited for Adams County youth to be re-introduced to the Junior Deputy Program. I know it is a program that can help the future of Adams County.

The youth today are the future leaders of tomorrow and what they learn now can influence their lives. With the sheriff’s office providing this program, youth of Adams County will be provided with knowledge and skills to be better, law abiding citizens and learn good moral character.

Natchez really doesn’t offer many activities for youth except sports. When kids are bored they tend to get into trouble.

This positive youth program can help keep youth busy and active and out of trouble.

This will allow them to learn some valuable life lessons and make life long memories and friends.

It’s been 15 years since I took the oath, but I’d like to think that this program played a big part of the woman I am today.

I’m very excited the Adams County Sheriff’s Office is re-instating the Junior Deputy Program. I think Natchez has been missing a little something without it.

Jaime Walker is a graduate of the Junior Deputy program and Natchez High School.