Controversy keeps us thinking

Published 11:50 am Saturday, February 20, 2010

I was moved by Mrs. Cooper’s editorial, Feb. 10, regarding “Voodoo Victory,” our misplaced priorities, and the redirection our “fervor for sports” might be called upon to consider.

I couldn’t be in greater agreement with Mrs. Cooper, that there are far more important things than sports.

I was provided an example, in this “blast from the past,” a year ago. I believe the story, offered by The Democrat, dates to the early 80s. In keeping with Mrs. Cooper’s directive, I think The Democrat should be asked to update this “Sexiest In Natchez” poll to reflect our current diversity — female as well as male, black, Hispanic, Asian, and “alternative lifestyle” populations. It would be encouraging to see how some of you regular contributors react.

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For, in the absence of controversy, we are intellectually malnourished.

Keith Benoist

Natchez resident