Maybe it’s a human problem

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 25, 2010

It appears Natchez Aldermen reacted Tuesday night not on common sense or reasoned research, but on an emotional reaction.

That rarely ends well.

On Tuesday, aldermen heard concerns from a citizen who is seeking to have pit bull breed dogs banned in the city.

The man who came before the aldermen spoke from the heart and presented real-world evidence of attacks both in our community and in our region.

And the issue of vicious dogs is truly a concern.

However, we urge aldermen not to get in a hurry and simply pass a difficult to enforce, blanket ban of a specific breed of dogs.

If a specific breed was banned, how long would it take for the owners who seek to breed dogs to be vicious to simply move on to another, non-banned breed?

Dogs are only as good as the humans who train them and are responsible for their care and behavior.

Let’s take our time and find a way to truly address the problem.

Rather than making a new law and banning a breed, let’s make sure we look at existing laws on the books and make sure some of those cannot first be applied.

Enforcing those could go a long way toward resolving the problem.

Further, vigorously prosecuting the owners of a dog that is found to attack someone would probably go a long way toward truly attacking the problem.